IoT wireless water level sensor with GPRS

wireless water level sensor with GPRS is designed to detect the liquid level,and report level data to Cloud server at set interval when measured level is normal;once it detect critical reading, it will report the critical level to cloud server AT ONCE;meanwhile it will also alert user with SMS when level is too high or too low (optional function).

IoT wireless water level sensor with GPRS

Application :

● Diesel level

● Fuel level

● Water level

● Liquid level

● Water presssure

● Oil pressure

01GPRS quad-band wireless communication for global market
02Super low power consumption design
03Battery powered for out-door working 3 years
04Customized settings, data could be sent to server of clients

Technical Data

Range 0~1 M…500 M H2O optional
Output Wireless GPRS 2G
Band communication 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
Power supply 10VDC~30VDC or 3.6V Battery
Process connection Filter cover or 1/4”NPT male by customized
Accuracy 0.25%F.S; 0.5%F.S optional
Working temp -30°C~+85°C
Certificate CE,ExiaII CT6 Ga ,ATEX,RoHS

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